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The economic fluctuation has brought many tough challenges like poor loan demand, lower profit margin and low interest rates for banking and financial firms. To overcome these hurdles, banking and financial firms need to focus on increasing customer loyalty as client is the true asset of every company.

So, how to build customer loyalty? Well, there are plethora of choice and one such productive way is to build a user-friendly Mobile App. It comprises innovative features that mobile technology provides such as:

Includes self-service functionality for clients, such as checking the account balance, making payments and transferring money instantly and in a highly secure manner

Quick steps to open new account, credit card, loan, etc.

Receive warnings about fraudulent deals, and push for exclusive deals

SSL encryption, double-fold security for safety login


Single insurance App(Customers and Agents)
Tech Alliance Partners helps insurance companies create a multi-purpose mobile insurance app to offer functionality for clients, partners and employees through intuitive, multiplatform connectivity solution.
  • CRM and Management Lead
  • Reminder alerts and prime amount payments
  • Incidents report, seek support, file claim


Smart Investing App
Mobile investing app built by Tech Alliance Partners enables customers to gather portfolio, investment breakdown, smart insights to ensure your clients are making good investments, and earn decent profits.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Performance Report
  • Conformity to regulations


Accounting App
Mobile app accounting services are more like financial transactions. Tech Alliance Partners accounting versatility tools are configured to manage a variety of financial details, such as cash assets, liabilities, etc.
  • Computer invoicing
  • Save and prepay tax
  • Manage several businesses


Secure Banking App
Tech Alliance Partners designs, builds mobility solutions for banks worldwide with 30% faster, accurate and brought customer engagement and product adoption prospects to the next level.
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Customized mobile banking experience
  • Performance-oriented Architecture of Micro services

Digital Wallet

Go Cashless with Digital Wallet App on Smartphone

Digital wallet apps developed by Tech Alliance Partners enable users to make payments for third parties, individuals, and banks using credit, debit, and internet banking services.
  • NFC, QR, and mobile payments
  • Built-in passcode and Pin security options
  • Integrates secure credentials with devices

Benefits of Mobile App for Banking and Finance Industries

  • Reduced maintenance cost, and improved work speed
  • It is possible to reduce fraud by about 20-30 per cent
  • Compressive and convincing Banking experience

What clients expect from banking and financial companies?

Customers expect Banking and Financial firms to equip with high-end encryption standard services to prevent from online frauds. It also creates a good relationship between clients and firm.
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